I will no longer be available for tutorials in the morning. Math help will be available everyday at lunch in Mr. Moulding's room (116) or with Mrs. Rosso Monday's at lunch and everyday after school except Fridays.
For the rest of the semester we will be on a very specific schedule:
Mondays will be homework/practice day. At the end of class Monday students will receive a practice sheet to do for homework.
Tuesdays will be quiz day.
Thursdays will be exam day.

All rewrites will now be done in class. After every exam corrections will be made in class and the following day students will rewrite their exam. All students receiving below 65% will have to rewrite but any students wishing to improve their mark may rewrite if they choose to. Students who received high marks will continue on with their studies or may be involved in enrichment activities.

This I Believe
This is an exciting time in Grade Nine. We have been invited to participate in a GLOBAL adventure. For several years Mr. Fisch, a teacher in the United States, have been involved in a project called This I Believe. This project involves students writing an essay and then adding their voice to their thoughts by podcasting the essay. We will be able to see and hear what the world values. We will be able to comment and interact with peers from around the globe. How exciting and powerful to have voices from AE Peacock heard around the world.
I would like to add a twist to this assignment and ask that families get involved. It would be wonderful to hear This WE Believe. Our personal values are grounded in family values and this would be another opportunity to discuss what is important to your family and share these thoughts.
I will NOT be assigning topics....obviously. However, as we are connected to classrooms in other countries we are bound by a timeline. The essays will be due on November 14. This includes having a podcast completed. Much of the technical part of this assignment will be done in class. Please start the family discussions!!!

GO peacock GO!

Last night the Jr. Girls volleyball team won yet another city championship for Peacock.
Grade 9's: Karstin, Taylor, Madi, Tye and Kayla

The Championships just keep coming and coming!! Congrats to the Peacock Tornado Football Team who will be playing in the Provincial Championship in Weyburn this Saturday....way to go Kye and Dylan.


Congratulations to the soccer team. City Champions. This has not been done since 2000. You make us proud. Go Peacock!!! Way to go Tye and Charlotte!!!!!!!



Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews begin Thursday evening at 6:30-8:30 and again on Friday 9-12. Please try to attend and bring your son/daughter with you. If these times are not suitable feel free to contact me and make other arrangements. It is very important that we meet and discuss how things are progressing in grade nine.

Making us proud!

Congratulations Tye for a great performance at Provincial Cross Country. Third place finish in a very competitive field. We are all very proud.

Jess made an Animoto video of the Jr Volleyball Team Orange. Here it is:

We're going to be looking at divisiblity rules on Monday. They seem pretty simple but some people struggle with them and they are so important. Here's a neat video done as a school project. Check it out and think about ways you could do something like this. Just a subtle hint that you might be working on a project very similar to this.

Sept 25
Those students who attained an 85% or higher on the first try at the unit one exam were sent home with a beautiful orange certificate to commemorate the event. A green copy will be posted outside of our classroom on the honour wall.

Sept 22

Students received their exams back this morning. I do not accept any mark under 65%. If this mark was not attained then a rewrite will occur on Wednesday. Those students who scored above 65% may rewrite as well if they are not satisfied with their mark. I had the students put their mark in their agenda book. Feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Sept. 17th
Unit One Exam on Friday.

Here is the official 2008 Freshie Logo. congrats to Caitlyn for a job well done.

Everyone needs to sign up to the wiki by selecting the Join This Space action over to the left hand side. Let's get rolling. "We can have lots of good fun that is funny." (bonus marks if you know what book that quote is from)
So.. one day Kayla and Tye were really bored. So, they decided to make a video! Then they went straight back to their books and studied until dawn!

We are currently studying INTEGERS. Here are some real life examples of where you might see and use integers. We will continue to add to the list.

Here is a short video showcasing some of our students at GymBlast. Way to go Team Red.

September 5: Have a great weekend everyone. The Plain White Tee Dance is tonight from 7-11.
September 3
Reminder that GYMBLAST is Thursday morning. All grade nines were divided into four teams (red,yellow,green or blue). They are encouraged to wear clothing the colour of their team. Activities and team building exercises will take place in the gym all morning.

PICTURE DAY is Thursday afternoon for the grade nines. All students must get a picture taken for student cards.

Parents who have a student in Rosso Science may access that homework site by clicking on the link to the left.